Monitoring with or without cathodic corrosion protection

Suitable for verifying the quality of corrosion protection work, or as a stand-alone solution for monitoring the condition of a building.

Local monitoring is not limited to simply estimating a structure’s life span. The sensors provide in-depth visibility into the condition of reinforced concrete. This enables experienced planners to accurately identify the most effective and cost-efficient restoration method, and to determine the best time to carry out the work.

Monitoring systems are integral to our cathodic corrosion protection approach. But they can also be deployed to verify the quality and durability of conventional repairs, both during and after the warranty period.

Monitoring systems are increasingly employed in new buildings. Remote monitoring technology enables data to be communicated to any desktop PC in real time. Leading-edge Camur electronics reliably transmit information on corrosion risk, moisture content, temperatures, and other metrics, which can then be documented and analyzed using professional-standard Camur software.

As a result, owners and operators of reinforced concrete structures can be sure of continuous, reliable quality control, helping to prolong building life. Moreover, the costs of installing and operating a monitoring system are lower than you think.