Camur II – Corrosion monitoring and control of cathodic protection

Camur II is developed especially for permanent and automatic corrosion monitoring and for remote control of cathodic protection installations. Protector has worked continuously from 1990 with development of products for monitoring and protecting steel reinforcement bars in concrete. 

The core products in the Camur II system are

  • Camur II Controller, to collect and store data from the installation
  • Camur II nodes that measure different parameters and converts the analogue measurements to digital signals
  • Camur II FixVolts, power source when ICCP is present (cathodic protection)
  • Camur II Bus Cable, for signal transmission

Most of the nodes are developed in collaboration with well known producers of sensors, specially designed for use in concrete. This makes Protector a leading contributor to development in corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection.

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