Lower repair costs!

Since far less effort is required to repair the concrete, restoration work is usually completed 30 to 40 per cent faster. Closure times are often shorter in comparison to conventional repair methods.

It’s easy to see why: with conventional approaches, it is necessary to treat concrete damaged by carbonation or de-icing salt. Not so with ZEBRA technology. Employing conductive ZEBRA paint and connecting the steel reinforcement to the protective circuit puts a stop to concrete corrosion

Repairs using ZEBRA technology are usually significantly cheaper, because  they make costly and time-consuming work processes a thing of the past. Not to mention the benefits of shorter closures.

Key elements of any ZEBRA technology project are diagnosis and inspection of the concrete structures. This is generally more extensive than with conventional concrete repair methods. However, it enables our subcontractors to plan repair work in detail. Which means you know from the start how much repair will cost and how long it will take – avoiding nasty surprises.